SOS Texas = Spirit of Sharing in Texas

Formerly, the Original Strategic Open Source of Texas Site


The SOS-SIG has been established at TCEA under the domain.

The original content of this SOS of Texas portal had been transferred to another home on Publishing news and information, however, continues on this site.
Acronyms can mean many things. When the I first began 'sharing' as one of very few TENET members/trainers to have a web site on the TENET system, I used to 'sign' messages distributed with ... 'Yours, in the 'spirit of sharing' ... then shortened it to YITSOS.
So consider the content on this site to be both 'Strategic Open Source" and (a better description) content shared in the 'Spirit of Sharing'.
Disclaimer: this site and sub-sites is/are maintained by Ken Task. Ken is a member of SOS-SIG under TCEA, but this site and sub-sites are not a reflection of any offical SOS-SIG under TCEA policy or stance, etc..

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